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Schneider Redefines Power Distribution

Discover the power of digital modules.Customize your electrical system with the new MasterpactMTZ.

Masterpact MTZ incorporates the latest digital technologies:

  • Stay connected remotely through smartphone notifications, and locally through the Masterpact MTZ app for secure wireless diagnostics and maintenance (Bluetooth and NFC connection).

  • Improve precision and save energy via built-in Class 1 power metering and instant views of power consumption.

  • Upgrade and customize effortlessly with downloadable digital modules for advanced functions.

  • Ensure reliability even in harsh environments with improved mechanical and electrical performance.

  • Enhance productivity with easy installation using established architectures, embedded Class 1 power metering, and Ethernet connection.

  • Integrate seamlessly with any building and energy management system through Schneider Electric Smart Panel architecture.

  • Guarantee sustainability through environmental compliancy across all European and international energy efficiency regulations.

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