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Slow Down to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce wear and Tear

Gardner Denver's robust and reliable machines come equipped with the high-value standard and optional features that will exceed your demands.

From the easy-to-use controller to the premium efficient open drip proof (ODP) continuous duty motor, the Electra Saver II G2 is packed with all of the high value standard and optional features you have come to expect from Gardner Denver.

  • Highly-efficient semi-integrated airend that incorporates a spin-on/spin-off oil filter and thermostatic mixing valve

  • Load/no load and inlet modulation control operations

  • 1800rpm high efficiency motor

  • Leak-free Viton Victaulic couplings

  • Stainless steel control lines

  • Tip-out air/oil cooler design for ease of maintenance

  • Heavy duty inlet filter offering complete filtration

  • Standard package is unenclosed with an option for sound attenuating enclosure panels that feature swing out, lift-off door panels

  • AirSmart G2 TM Controller

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