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Choose a Self Priming Stainless Steel Double Seal Pump

The Flomax 15 Stainless Steel Double Seal pump is designed to handle your toughest applications with ease.

This 316 investment cast stainless steel self priming pump offers premium corrosion resistance. The presence of grease in the seal allows the pump to operate in a dry run condition, increasing hours of running while protecting the seal from corrosive fluids.

The barrier fluid accumulator pressurizes the seal cavity to a higher pressure thus eliminating the possibility of the process fluid being transferred to enter the seal chamber.

Self Priming SS Double seal pumps have proven success in railcar loading/unloading, fertilizer transfer, DEF, Corrosive chemical transfer, waste water transfer and many more applications!

Why choose the Stainless Steel Double Seal?

  • Improved performance with longer seal life

  • Pressurized grease chamber provides constant lubrication and eliminates the possibility of the process fluid entering the seal chamber.

  • Protects from dry run failure.

  • Prevents damage to the seal from corrosive fluids.

Available in two models: 8 with 2" NPT 150# suction flange 15 with 3" NPT 150# suction flange


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