Graco Announces Husky™ 2150e Electrically-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump L

Graco Inc. is expanding its presence in the electrical pump market with the launch of its Husky 2150e double diaphragm pump line, a larger size offering to complement the current Husky 1050e electric diaphragm pumps.

The new Husky 2150e electrically-operated double diaphragm pumps can support large-scale industrial applications while improving energy efficiency and durability.

“Electrically-operated pump technology is one of the most effective solutions for facilities looking to decrease energy costs and reliance on compressed air,” said Dan Purkat, Graco’s Process Division Product Marketing Manager. “The Husky 2150e pumps can reduce energy usage by up to five times when compared to traditional air-operated diaphragm pumps.”

The Husky 2150e pumps feature the same patent-pending air-charged drive as the 1050e pumps, with the ability to reduce pulsation on fluid outlet, stall under pressure without additional switches and controls, and increase diaphragm life without compromising the fluid. This technology reduces maintenance needs, repair parts and downtime.

“Many facilities express frustration with pump failures, high maintenance needs, clogging lines or closed valves, which can be very costly issues,” said Purkat. “When factoring in the total cost of ownership, including energy savings and total reduced maintenance costs, the price of a 2150e pump can be an advantage over a large peristaltic model.”

The Husky 2150e pumps also allow for self-priming and running dry, making them a viable alternative to rotary lobe, centrifugal and progressive-cavity designs. “The 2150e pumps can help users improve processes where other electric pumps have caused problems,” said Purkat. “Until now, a straightforward solution simply has not been available.”

The Husky 2150e is a durable pump technology for handling the toughest slurries and abrasives with a seal-less pump designed to eliminate leaking. Graco’s pump technologies offer process solutions for numerous abrasive and corrosive applications, and are built for years of reliable service. For more information or to contact a Graco account manager or distributor, visit

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