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Announcing New Modicon X80 Relay Output module – BMXDRC0805


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New Modicon X80 Relay Output module – BMXDRC0805

By: Gerald ‘Jerry’ Espy, Product Manager

US Industry Product Offer Marketing is excited to announce the release of new Modicon X80 Relay Output modules. The BMXDRC0805(H) is an 8-relay output channel, Isolated 125VDC / 240VAC N.O./N.C relay module designed for use with Modicon M340, M580, and Quantum EIO X80 drop platforms.

This type C (N.O./N.C. contacts) relay output module is also offered in a hardened (H) format for harsh environments.

BMXDRC0805(H) is designed with the new high form factor (same height as M580 CPU) and provide the following features and benefits to our customer’s applications.

  • Relay 125VDC/240VAC with N.O. and N.C. contacts provide adaptable solutions for many typical relay applications

  • Cost saving when compared with using type A interfacing relays: less panel wiring, less space and less engineering required

  • Easy modernization of legacy type C relays with compatible specification, including Quantum 140DRC83000(C) and Premium TSXDSY08R5A

  • Robustness with channel isolation and gold plated terminal block connection for corrosive environment

  • Hardened version available for severe environments. Conformal coating provides corrosion and dust resistance. Rated for -25C… +70C ambient air temperatures.

The module provides a modernization path for legacy Quantum 140DRC83000(C) and Premium TSXDSY08R5A type C relays, and is used for applications where N.C. or N.O./N.C. relay contact is required or preferred from PLC relay module.

New 40 Pin Terminal Blocks and Preassembled Cordsets

The new 40 pin terminal blocks and preassembled cordsets are provided for the new high form factor module.

40-pin terminal blocks are available in two types:

  • Caged type: BMXFTB4000(H) (in this release July 2018)

  • Spring type: BMXFTB4020(H) (will be released in Q4 2018) Due to pitch and density constraints on limited space, Screw type is not available for 40 pin terminal blocks.

The high form factor H version module and new 40 pin H version terminal block have gold plating on their connection parts to each other.

Notice: To avoid possible bi-metallic effect, standard terminal block can only be used with standard module and H terminal block can only be used with H module. Don't mix them together.

To remind user, we put the laser marking on top of terminal block showing "For Hardened Module" or "For Non-Hardened Module". Our technical publications and X80 Catalog will include reminders as well.

Preassembled cordset has a BMXFTB4020 terminal block at one end and flying leads at the other. The cordset is available under reference BMX FTW ••5 and in two different lengths. They are for Non-Hardened module:

  • BMXFTW305: 3 meters (will be released later in 2018)

  • BMXFTW505: 5 meters (will be released later in 2018)

Jumper bar

To facilitate the wiring, a 20-pin jumper bar with plastic handle is provided with 40-pin caged screw terminal block BMX FTB 4000:

The graphic to the left shows an example of using the jumper bar for non- isolated wiring channel 0-2 on a BMXDRC0805 module:

1. Jumper bar 2. to common

Pricing can be found in the latest Automation Price Guide

Technical documents are linked within the eLaunch Package - X80 I_O Modules

Download the most recent Modicon X80 I/O Platform Catalog April 2018 for more information about the entire X80 I/O offering, including the new BMXDRC0805(H), 40 Pin Terminal Blocks, and Preassembled Cordsets.

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