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R-22 Refrigerant… Increasing Cost and Reduced Supply Are Challenging Compressed Air System Operators

Since legislation has phased out the production of new equipment utilizing R-22 as a refrigerant, the price of R-22 has increased considerably. That trend will likely accelerate when production of new R-22 is banned in the US in 2020.

If you’re the operator of a compressed air system that includes a refrigerated dryer, consider these facts:

• Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants

Refrigerants being used today such as 404A and 134A are much more environmentally friendly. This may help you achieve your Green initiatives.

• Dryer Efficiency

Newer designs are generally more efficient than older models.

• Price Escalation

The service and repair costs for older dryers increase as the cost of R-22 goes up. The cost of refrigerant in a 1,000 SCFM, R-22 dryer can run $1,300. The price of R-22 is currently about 3X that of R-404A.

• Refrigerant Availability

After 2020, only reclaimed/recycled and stockpiled inventory of R-22 will be available for air dryer repairs.

• R-22 Component Availability

As R-22 refrigerant supply dwindles, so will availability of R-22-specific components like compressors, expansion valves, etc.

With a complete phase-out of R-22 on the horizon, now is the time to consider the future of compressed air systems that include older drying equipment.


An experienced compressed air sales and service provider is your first line of defense against the ever-increasing cost of repair and decreasing availability of R-22 refrigerant and related components.

GENERAL MACHINERY has been providing Compressed Air, Electrical/Automation and Pump Products and services since 1908.

We are compressed air experts, representing the most highly respected manufacturers in the industry. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to perform diagnosis, maintenance and repair and have extensive experience maintaining systems of every configuration, complexity and size.

Let us evaluate your compressed air system. If you have R-22-based drying equipment we can help formulate a plan that will enable you to stay up and running as cost-effectively as possible.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation:

Call: 800-821-5937 (Birmingham) or 800-473-1588 (Mobile)

or you can email:

Also, visit us online and see what all we have to offer at


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