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August Newsletter


Gardner Denver Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower Package

The IQ blower package is a blend of proven results and innovation for the future. The IQ blower package will provide intelligent design, quiet operation, innovative features and Gardner Denver quality.

  • Intelligent digital monitoring standard with the AirSmart controller

  • Quiet sound levels as low as 60 dBA

  • Innovative removable discharge silencer provides package integrity and end-user flexibility

  • Quality and dependable Gardner Denver PD Blower in every IQ package

Contact us to find out more about these blower packages.




Louis Allis Marine-Duty Motors are built to the IEEE 45 standard for marine applications. Designed for wet and taxing conditions, these inverter duty motors offer an impressive list of features including an IP55 rating for protection from directed water jets, double vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) treatment for winding protection, and high torque ratings for the most demanding applications. Featuring a 3 year warranty, you’ll be able to depend on the LAM motor in offshore, coastal, and inland marine environments for years to come.

Even though this is Marine Duty this motor would be a good option for any mills or plants that have water in their process and need something that will really hold up in the worst conditions.

Reach out to us for more information.



HOW MUCH FLOW AND HEAD DO YOU NEED? If your response is up to 1,000 GPM at 925 Feet, the Grundfos CR is the answer! And the CR can fill those requirements in fixed speed or variable speed configurations. (1 to 300 HP with larger pumps coming soon!)

HOW MUCH FLOOR SPACE DO YOU HAVE? If your response is very little, the Grundfos CR is the answer! With vertical configuration and inlet and outlet connections in line and on the same plane, the required floor space is minimized and piping is simplified. HOW EASY DO YOU WANT MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR TO BE? If your response is very easy, the Grundfos CR is the answer! It takes little as 15 minutes to change a mechanical seal and as little as 45 minutes for a complete rebuild.

HOW SOON DO YOU WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GRUNDFOS CR CAPABILITIES? Let us know and we’ll have a representative to your plant to look at your application.


Schneider Electric Altivar ATV61 & ATV71 High HP End of Commercialization

The Altivar ATV61 & ATV71 High HP drives are approaching their End of Commercialization date on December 31st, 2021. After this date the drives will only be available through normal sales channels while stocks last.

Effective immediately these references will be switched to SEA only shipments by Schneider Electric, with a made to order lead-time of 70-80 days. The date for last time to buy will be October 15th, 2021; any order placed after this date will not be accepted.

We suggest using the Altivar Process Enclosed ATV600 & ATV900 drive range as an alternative offer for any applications. For additional solutions please reach out to our Drives Quote Group for support.


Our Service Department is there for you 24/7/365!

We have a full-service, in-house shop, along with service trucks for on-site repair. We offer economical service agreements so that you don't have to worry about the maintenance of your equipment. All of our service and shop technicians are factory trained in compressor, blower, and pump repair.

Between our main office in Birmingham, and our branch in Mobile, we have the entire state of Alabama, portions of Mississippi, and the panhandle of Florida covered. Contact us today and let our technicians take the stress and headache away regarding the maintenance of your machines!

Give us a call at 205-251-9243 or send our service manager Rick Watkins an email.


Email us or call the branch closest to you to get a quote on all your Electrical, Air, Pump, and Lighting needs.

  • Birmingham - 800-821-5937

  • Madison - 800-772-5859

  • Mobile - 800-476-1588

  • Montgomery - 800-821-5937


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