• April Fields

Gardner Denver Financing

Did you know that Gardner Denver offers financing on their air products?  There are currently economic stimulus rates available to help you meet your air product needs.

     General Machinery represents Gardner Denver, one of the top air systems in the U.S.  With the new stimulus rate program in place, special financing is available to help you meet all of your air needs.  Contact your Salesman today regarding any of the below to get your quote and financing plan  today! AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES

  • Reciprocating

  • Rotary

  • Centrifugal

  • Oil-Lubricated

  • Oil-Free

  • Oil-Less

  • Fixed Speed

  • Variable Speed

  • Single-Stage

  • Two-Stage

  • Multi-Stage


  • Drains

  • Oil/Water Separators

  • Lubricant

  • Piping

  • Genuine OEM Parts & Lubricants

  • Air Dryers

  • Filters

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