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Johannes Hübner Giessen

General Machinery is a distributor of Johannes Hübner Giessen, a company that manufacturers many types of encoders including incremental, magnetic, and absolute encoders. They also produce universal encoder systems, electronic position switches, overspeed switches and tach generators.

Johannes Hübner - Precision. Strength. Customer focus.

Hübner Giessen is fascinated by technology – and they understand their customers. They stand firmly at your side with exceptional ideas and tailor-made solutions. To support you, our customers, they offer robust encoder systems, powerful drive technology and worldwide service. That is how together we overcome the huge challenges in heavy industry and other fields subject to harsh conditions to sustainably improve your business.

Encoders for steel applications:

U-One/U-One-Safety for Port Cranes:

Hubner Giessen is a problem solver for the mining industry.

Designed to reliably measure speed and position, Hübner Giessen encoders are installed in a multitude of mining applications across the globe. No matter if you seek a solution for bucket wheel or bucket chain excavators, stackers/reclaimers, conveyor belt systems, tippers or giant bucket wheel excavators Hübner Giessen know’s the extreme operating conditions that prevail in the mining industry – so they are able to offer you their accumulated expertise gained from more than 80 years serving heavy industry.

Tasks. Special. Solved.

Hübner Giessen has been able to offer unusual ideas and tailor-made solutions to successfully solve challenging tasks in many underground and open-pit mining operations all over the world.

Hübner Giessen ensures high levels of reliability and accuracy, low setup and maintenance costs as well as certified safety solutions where required. Read more on their website here.

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