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WorldWide Open Drip Proof Motors

Why WorldWide ODP Motors

Overall quality with exclusive features at an affordable and competitive price.

Steel Baffles come as standard to help protect internal components, increase motor performance and extend the life of the motor. Other motor manufacturers use plastic baffles that deteriorate over time.

Oversized bearings increase protection on belted load applications, increasing motor life span while reducing the need for motor replacement.

Drilled and tapped drive end endbells allows you to install a grounding ring outside the bell end. You can also order your motor with a grounding ring already installed from the factory. All WorldWide ODP motors 143T Frame and up are pre-drilled and tapped from the factory to accept grounding rings to protect against shaft currents. This allows for quick installation without the need to disassemble motor - simplifying service and reducing downtime.

Lightweight, Compact Design - Many ODP motors are handled, lifted, and installed manually - ours are among the lightest motors on the market. And larger models include Lifting Eyes to help with the load.

E-mail or give us a call at 800.821.5937 to talk about all motors, gear reducers, generators, and control solutions from WorldWide Electric.


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